I am quite exciting when I discovered the Fiverr Referral Program after buying a $5 gig to get 1000 Facebook Likes. I think it is a fantastic idea for win win situation for me and all my friends that I want to give good value to.

Fiverr: Give your friends a free $5 gig.
Earn a reward for each friend you invite.

When you invite your friends they get a free $5 gig. You’ll get $5 when they spend $10.

If you want to get a free $5 gig and may be to join the Fiverr Referral Program, please submit the details and email address for me to invite you in the Contact page.

Fiverr Referral Program.Fiverr: Give your friends a free $5 gig.
Earn a reward for each friend you invite. Image size:1280x720px

The Story That Begins All on Fiverr

You can read the story below of how I get convinced about the reliability of this $5 service by Fiverr.

How The Fiverr Referral Program Works

The Fiverr Referral Program works this way:

  1. First be invited by a friend (or me) who is a registered Fiverr user.
  2. You register as a Fiverr user.
  3. You receive your free $5 gig to be used and you use it.
  4. Next you bought a new $5 gig.
  5. Fiverr issue you an email explaning about the Referral Program.
  6. You invite your friend to register as a user with their email. Your friend gets a free $5 gig to use.
  7. If your friend spends with new $10 on the Fiverr gigs, you get a free $5 gig to use.

You can encourage your friend who get the free $5 gig to use the Googlenator $5 gig to get you 500 Facebook Page Likes .


ABOUT GOOGLENATOR: Get 500 Facebook Likes for $5
From: United Kingdom Speaks: English Avg. Response Time: 1 Hrs. Recent Delivery: 1 Day Ago Email Verified


You’ve just become part of the largest, most affordable Fiverr marketplace for services and products.
It’s never been so easy
to get it done

Get everything from custom websites, to fresh original content, to stunning graphics. Whether you’re building a business, or just looking for something unique, you can find it here!

Just order a Gig and the seller will get right to work! We make it easy to purchase from and communicate with our sellers.

It’s really that simple.

My Fiverr Story

I joined Fiverr as a registered user when I bought the standard $5 gig from Fiverr. I found the ad by the Fiverr provider Googlenator in one of the Facebook Pages for Facebook Likes Exchanges. The group is called Free Likes Followers & Members-Like Hunters.

Googlebnator offers 1000 Facebook Likes for a $5 Fiverr gig.

I bought 1 Fiverr gig on June 17. The total cost is $5 +$0.50 for processing fee, totaling $5.50. The Facebook Page to get this 1000 likes is my QStrategy Facebook Page which has 33 likes before starting this service.

This is Googlenator offer in details:


I will advertise your Facebook Page until 1000 or more Likes is received for $5

I will advertise your FB page on my social media connections and my website with 1000 monthly visitors until 1000 or more likes received
Approximately from 50% USA, 20% UK 10% Germany and rest is International.
I will start to advertise your FB page immediately after payment.
it takes usually 29 days to reach 1000 likes.

No fake Facebook accounts
No bots etc
All real people with real personal accounts, they are my group members, FB Page Fans, Twitter followers, Youtube Subscribers, email contacts & website traffic.


Fiverr Referral Program.Fiverr: Give your friends a free $5 gig.
Earn a reward for each friend you invite. Image size:1280x720px

Genuine Facebook Likes

After seeing the Googlenator service ran for a few days and upon checking the usernames of people who like my page QStrategy, I am happy that the service is genuine with real accounts. As of July 11, it has reached 663 likes from the original 33 likes.

I ordered another $5 gig from Googlenator for my Facebpook Page QRevitalize on June 28, beginning with 1 like. As of July 11. it has reached 288 likes.

I order 2 more $5 gigs for my Facebook Pages of QVitality and Imageli on July 2.

QVitality started with 137 likes and as of July 11, it has reached 379 likes.

Imageli started with 171 likes and as of July 11, it reached 488 likes.

All very satisfactory results. I am really very pleased. I have been doing a few Facebook Ads that averagely cost me about $6.50 for 100 facebook Likes. With Googlenator’s gig of $5 for 1,000 likes it is really a big steal.

Revised Offer of $5 for 500 Facebook Likes

However as of July 10, I discovered that Googlenator has amended the offer, now the $5 gig would get only 500 Likes. I still believe that the offer is worth it and would likely to get more when required.

This is the link to get this $5 gig for 500 Facebook Likes from Googlenator in Fiverr.


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This is a effective way to drive free traffic productively.

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Get Fiverr Referral Program To Earn Multiple Free $5 Gigs For You and Your Friends
Fiverr: Give your friends a free $5 gig. Earn a reward for each friend you invite. When you invite your friends they get a free Gig. You’ll get $5 when they spend $10.


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